Advanced Ecology’s close affiliation with the following companies gives us a tremendous advantage in setting the standard within the ever-changing, complex environmental marketplace. The following companies often work in concert with one another, innovating solutions and providing outcomes that surpass those who do not have the high-quality talent and skills available in-house.

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Bird Forestry
Since the 1970s, Bird Forestry has provided high-quality, science-based forest management to achieve ecological and financial results that fit clients’ land management goals.

Bird Forestry’s professionals evaluate a given tract of land not just as a pure forest product, but as a potential package of forest resources—one that includes wildlife, recreation, alternative forest products, and environmental-conservation potential. The company prides itself on its ability to see all possibilities and home in on the perfect holistic solution to meet specific needs.

SilvaTech South
Silva-Tech/South, Ltd., a professional reforestation and forestry vegetation management company, annually applies forestry herbicides to approximately 15,000 to 25,000 acres of industrially and privately owned lands and reforests nearly 2,000 acres of privately owned lands. The company also provides mulching services on approximately 2,000 acres a year for real estate, recreational, and forest management purposes, as well as a variety of other vegetation management projects.

Mitigation Solutions USA
Mitigation Solutions USA (MSUSA) provides full-service sustainable solutions for offsetting environmental impacts by marketing mitigation banks and selling credits in wetlands, streams, and endangered species. MSUSA understands the environmental mitigation process from concept and development through the sale and transfer of environmental credits, adhering strictly to regulatory requirements. By helping companies fulfill their permitting requirements in a streamlined manner, MSUSA helps businesses keep their projects moving forward.

Founded in 2011, TerraNative provides excellent native tree seedlings for wetlands restoration and ornamental tree production. The company focuses on propagating trees from high-quality seeds collected from local sources. Native trees are ideal for wetland restoration and other uses because they are already genetically predisposed to the weather, soils, and other growing conditions of a specific area. Quality native species are the best choice for ideal out planting successes.